• 14-JUN-2016

Never Lose The Love

Ever looked to an athlete for inspiration for being at the top of their game and wonder where their love of sport comes from? In its newest spot, Gatorade reminds some of the world’s greatest athletes where that love comes from.

In the ad titled, “Never Lose the Love,” viewers quickly learn that Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Paul George and April Ross’ “Love of Sport” is fueled by that moment where they first fell in love with what is now their profession. The ad is visually brought to life by featuring younger versions of themselves who continue to push each athlete to be their best, even today. 

In addition to the ad, Gatorade’s “For the Love of Sport” is a national campaign that also features five limited-time-only bottles and a unique cause initiative platform that encourages consumers to vote online for a total of 19 deserving sports-focused organizations to whom Gatorade will donate on their behalf to receive donations that will aid in helping athletes pursue their love of sport.   

Visit Gatorade.com/LoveOfSports to cast your vote for sports organizations that drive the Love of Sports. 

​In addition to the above, the video is available on Gatorade's YouTube page: Never Lose the Love | Gatorade​​.