• 15-APR-2016

Gatorade Frost - Play Cool

NBA greats Dwyane Wade and George “The Iceman” Gervin pair up and square off in Gatorade’s latest campaign to launch the newest flavors from the brand’s Gatorade Frost line, the 7-11 exclusive Summit Storm, as well as, Artic Blitz and Icy Charge. In keeping with the cool theme, the spot features the television commercial debut of “Stay Cool,” the aptly named song from one of hip-hop’s most successful and well known bands, The Roots. 

Gatorade Frost helps athletes stay “cool under pressure” while also offering a clean and crisp flavor profile and the same fueling benefits that people have come to expect from the sports fuel leader.  

In addition to the above, the video is available on Gatorade's YouTube page: Gatorade Frost | Play Cool​​.