• 21-DEC-2018

Gatorade Athletes Star in New Gatorade Innovation Campaign

Created in a lab, Gatorade started as an innovation, and its new You Fuel Us, We Fuel You campaign tells the story of how the brand uses innovation to fuel athletes. 
In the You Fuel Us, We Fuel You TV spot, Gatorade brings Serena Williams, Jayson Tatum, Christian Pulisic and Lionel Sanders from the field to the lab to showcase the science behind their ever-evolving portfolio of hydration solutions.
Realizing that customization and personalization are the next frontier of sports nutrition, this campaign showcases how Gatorade combines science-backed products with newly designed equipment and tracking technologies to provide fueling recommendations specific to an individual athlete. The Gatorade products featured in the You Fuel Us, We Fuel You creative are just a sampling of the sports fuel portfolio, from G Zero to Gx, to G Endurance, G ESSNTL and more. 
You Fuel Us, We Fuel You
For more than 50 years, Gatorade has studied the best athletes in the world, and as they continue to evolve, Gatorade will continue innovating for them.
Here are a few details on the products you’ll see fuel these athletes throughout the video:
GX, featuring Serena Williams and Jayson Tatum
  • To meet the evolving needs of today’s athletes, Gatorade developed the GX platform to give athletes personalized fueling solutions.
  • GX allows athletes to design their own GX bottle with their name, favorite team, color and design and choose from a selection of fueling options known as GX hydration pods.
  • Simply empty a GX pod into a water-filled GX bottle to make a 30 fl oz of your favorite Thirst Quencher flavor.
G Endurance, featuring Lionel Sanders
  • This is not the Gatorade you pick up at the corner store – Gatorade Endurance is specifically designed for endurance athletes who are doing longer workouts and races and have specific fueling needs.
  • Gatorade Endurance Formula has almost 2x the sodium and more than 3x the potassium of traditional Gatorade. The Endurance Formula was recently reformulated and now features a lighter taste and no artificial sweeteners.
G Zero, featuring Christian Pulisic
  • Gatorade created a zero-sugar thirst quencher to provide hydration options for more athletes in more athletic occasions, offering more choices to mix and match how athletes fuel and hydrate.
  • Athletes lose more than water when they sweat. Because dehydration can lead to decreased performance, it is important for athletes to stay hydrated and replace electrolyte losses. The key electrolyte in Gatorade Zero, sodium, helps replace what is lost in sweat, and supports hydration by stimulating thirst and supporting fluid balance.
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