• 16-SEP-2016

Gatorade | Elena Delle Donne | For the Wind

Elena Delle Donne is a perfect match for The Windy City. The wind is the most inspirational force in Elena’s life-- it represents the beautiful, unspoken connection between her and her older sister, Lizzie. Born severely handicapped, Lizzie can’t see, speak or hear, and any communication between the sisters has always relied solely on touch. Distance, therefore, has been Elena's biggest challenge as a player, as she was reluctant to be too far from her family and sister, but Lizzie's simple love for the wind has given Elena a valuable life lesson. "For the Wind" tells the story of this sisterly connection and powerful perspective.

In addition to the above, the video is available on Gatorade's YouTube page:Gatorade | Elena Delle Donne | For the Wind​​.