• 15-JUN-2015

Evolution of the Bottle

Gatorade first existed in cups on the sidelines of Florida Gators games, and was even handed out in milk cartons at times as Dr. Robert Cade and his team explored different methods of delivery. When Stokely–Van Camp acquired the rights to commercially distribute it, they put it in the same cans they used for pork and beans—and the salts in Gatorade promptly ate through the metal, creating leaks. So the long-lasting Gatorade glass bottle was born, now fondly remembered by many. Other high points in bottle innovation include 1993’s 32-ounce bottle, which quickly proved extremely popular; the award-winning E.D.G.E. bottle design; and in 2013, the brand introduced the new 28-ounce bottle, which was designed based on athlete insights.