• 09-JUN-2016

Karl-Anthony Towns: Beat the Heat in Venice Beach

“Karl-Anthony Towns: Beat the Heat in Venice Beach” launches the 12th annual Gatorade “Beat the Heat” season, stressing the importance of hydration and heat safety in hot, outdoor environments.

As summer temperatures rise and athletes of all levels and in all sports begin to train and compete in hot conditions, Gatorade has partnered with various professional athletes for the Gatorade “Beat the Heat” educational campaign.

The video shows Towns having fun and sweating with the Venice Beach League ballers. Though not a territory unfamiliar to Towns, he admits it’s been a while since he’s played outdoors.

Venice Beach League featured players include:

  • Robin “Sik Wit It” Kennedy
  • Larry “Bone Collector” Williams
  • Kwame “The Freak of Nature” Alexander
  • Joyce “Sweet J” Ekworomadu
  • Nick Ansom, VBL Founder

In addition to above, the full video is available on Gatorade's YouTube page: Karl-Anthony Towns: Beat the Heat in Venice BeachBe on the lookout for more Beat the Heat content and athlete camp appearances throughout the summer!