• 10-AUG-2016

JJ Watt, Firefighter Training

JJ Watt can land a 61-foot box jump, squat 700 pounds and routinely lead the NFL in tackles, but can he make it through firefighter training in the heat? John Watt, retired firefighter, joined his son to help him take in the challenge on behalf of the Gatorade Beat the Heat educational campaign.
JJ visited his hometown fire department in Pewaukee, Wisc. and tried his hand at the physical and technical training firefighters conduct in order to perform their daily duties which, as JJ points out, offer much greater consequences than he encounters on an NFL field.
The Beat the Heat program teaches youth athletes the importance of heat safety and staying hydrated during the hot summer months, which JJ needed to do plenty of as he pulled water hoses, climbed flights of stairs and put out fires – all in 86-degree weather in full firefighter gear that added to his 6-foot-5 289-pound frame.


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