JJ Watt Beat the Heat

  • 13-JUL-2017

JJ Watt is considered by many as one of the best players in the NFL, but how would he fare playing a different kind of football? To put his soccer skills and overall endurance to the test, JJ recently spent the day with the Albion Hurricane FC​– an elite club girls’ soccer team, on behalf of the Gatorade Beat the Heat, heat safety campaign.

The team – comprising many players who’ve already secured scholarships to continue their careers in college – showed JJ how physically grueling soccer can be, especially in Houston’s 90 degree heat. In return, JJ imparted some of his wisdom for their continued success in sports.

The Beat the Heat program teaches youth athletes the importance of heat safety and staying hydrated during the hot summer months. Research shows that dehydration or poor hydration can impair performance and increase the risk for heat illness.* 

To minimize the risk of fluid imbalances, athletes should take frequent hydration breaks, preferably in the shade where possible, and monitor for symptoms of heat illness which may include nausea, headache, fatigue, rapid heart rate or shortness of breath.

*. Casa, D., DeMartini, J., Bergeron, M., Csillan, D., Eichner, R., Lopez, R., Ferrara, M., Miller, K., O’Connor, F., Sawka, M., & Yeargin, S. (2015). National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Exertional Heat Illnessess.Journal of Athletic Training 50(9):1-15.