• 18-AUG-2015

Sweat It to Get It

Gatorade “Sweat It to Get It” is an online video series that uses humor to convey that you have to work up a sweat to earn Gatorade. This year, J.J. Watt, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning visit college campuses and use hidden cameras to capture their interactions with unsuspecting students who are trying to get Gatorade without breaking a sweat.

In each video, the students attempt to purchase Gatorade from a vending machine. When it doesn’t dispense, a custodian (played by Rob Belushi, son of Jim Belushi) tips them off that they have to “sweat it to get it.” Enter either Peyton and Eli or J.J. to demonstrate to these students that they must be sweating in order to earn their Gatorade. If you want a Gatorade you're going to have to work for it — no exceptions.

In addition to above, all the videos are available on Gatorade's YouTube page: Gatorade Sweat It to Get It