• 15-JUN-2015

Gatorade "We Love Sweat"

Gatorade launches the “We Love Sweat” Campaign.

Not all sweat is created equal. While some is everyday sweat, another kind is a sign of achievement.

In Gatorade's “We Love Sweat” Campaign, the brand makes it clear that their true love is for the sweat that comes out, when greatness goes in.

As the sports brand that’s been fueling athletes for over half a century, Gatorade knows that athletes see sweat differently. And they honor the sweat that makes us stronger with a film that leverages a unique perspective of sweat at a macro level.

It shows the great potential of sweat that propels JJ Watt, Serena Williams, April Ross or Usain Bolt is the same that can push a high school athlete to new potential.

And who better to deliver this declaration of sweat than the voice of Michael Jordan himself.